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You’ve been waiting for this day, protect it.

Wedding insurance can help make things right when something goes wrong….

A wedding is an investment. You’ve planned this perfect wedding, but there are many things that can go wrong. Many times these are things that are out of your control. From natural disasters to a lost dress, a wedding insurance plan can help keep you covered for the unexpected on your special day.

Plans that we offer:  

We offer liability only plans and more comprehensive plans to cover for cancellation or postponement of your wedding. You can even have a plan that covers both the liability of hosting your special event and the cancellation/postponement.

So, what can be covered? The Travelers Wedding Protection Plan can cover the following items.

  • No dress? You can get a repair or replacement cost if the brides wedding gown (or groom’s tuxedo) is lost or damaged.
  • Lost Deposits. You can be reimbursed for your deposits if a vendor goes out of business or simply fails to show up.
  • Lost Rings. If the rings are lost or damaged, you can have them repaired or replaced.
  • Severe Weather. If severe weather forces the wedding to be postponed, the non-recoverable expenses can be covered.
  • Call to Duty. If the bridge or groom is unexpectedly called to active duty or has their leave revoked, forcing the wedding to be postponed, the non-recoverable expenses can be covered.
  • Sudden Illness. If the wedding is postponed due to a sudden illness of the bride, groom, or immediate family the non-recoverable expenses can be covered.
  • Venue requires insurance. If the wedding venue of your choice requires you to have liability insurance, we have got you covered! This can also include liquor liability insurance.
  • Additional Expenses. If a vendor suddenly becomes unavailable for your event but you can find a last minute replacement, the difference in cost can be covered.

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