Business Owners Policy (BOP) Insurance in Springfield and Nixa, MO

Protecting Businesses in Springfield and throughout Southern Missouri against Risk

Fires, burglary, equipment breakdown, and injuries to individuals who buy products or receive services are all risks that you face as a business owner. These and other risks can be costly to you if you’re unprotected, and for this reason it’s very important that you have protection. Insurance provides necessary protection, and Brinck Insurance Group can offer comprehensive business owners policies (BOPs), to provide a wide variety of coverages and protection. We will tailor business owner’s policies to individual clients, specific to the needed coverages for their business. Whether you own a small ‘Main Street’ shop that you independently run or you own a medium-sized business that serves many individuals and many areas, we’ll get you covered.

Business Owners Policy (BOP) Coverage Details for Businesses in Missouri and in other States

Business Owner’s Policies (BOPs) offer an affordable way to obtain property and liability insurance. The BOP policy includes key coverages that are important to any business, as well as additional business-specific coverages that are important to any business owner such as business property, commercial liability, and business interruption. We can offer riders, endorsements, and coverages that enable any BOP to protect virtually any small or medium-sized business in Southern Missouri. Some of the coverages, riders, and endorsements that we can offer are:

  • Products and Completed Operations
  • Premises Liability
  • Premises Medical
  • Fire Legal Liability
  • Business Income Insurance
  • Building and Personal Property Protection
  • On-Site Equipment Insurance
  • Coverage for Inventory Loss
  • Crime Insurance
  • Property
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Electronic Data Processing Equipment, Data, and Media
  • Fine Arts
  • Signs
  • Valuable Papers and Records


Property insurance covers buildings that are owned or leased and business personal property for replacement cost with no coinsurance.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable insurance provides on and off-premises coverage that has limits. On-premises limits can be increased, and also deductibles do not apply to accounts receivable insurance.

Business Income and Extra Expense

Business income and extra expense insurance covers losses of income that result from suspensions of operations that are caused by on-described-premises damages for covered causes of loss.

Business Personal Property Off-Premises

Business personal property off premises insurance covers business personal property while the property is away from scheduled premises. It covers business personal property while the property is on premises that are not owned, leased, or operated by policyholders, and also business personal property off-premises insurance covers business personal property while the property is at fairs, trade shows, and exhibitions.

Crime Coverage

Crime insurance covers dishonesty, forgery, and alteration with limits. It also covers the theft of money and securities with limits, and also crime insurance covers theft from rented properties.

Electronic Data Processing Equipment, Data, and Media

Electronic data processing equipment, data, and media insurance is an extension that is subject to the limits of business personal property insurance and that applies worldwide. It covers enhanced perils and therefore protects against losses that result from electrical currents, mechanical breakdowns, and power failures. Electronic data processing equipment, data, and media insurance provides off-premises coverage, which includes in-transit coverage and off-premises backup data coverage. It also provides coverage, which protects up to established policy limits, for newly acquired equipment.

Equipment Breakdown

Equipment breakdown insurance covers, up to established policy limits and within applicable limits, direct damages to equipment, which includes diagnostic equipment, power-generating equipment, and production equipment. It also covers interruptions of water, communications, and power supply services if business income and extra expense insurance is purchased.

Fine Arts

Fine arts insurance covers up to established policy limits and applies anywhere in coverage territories. The breakage limit does not apply to fine arts insurance, and also fine arts insurance has limited exclusions and special valuation terms.


Signs insurance is included in the limits of building insurance if signs that are intended to be insured are within 1,000 feet of insured buildings, and also if business insurance is written when or is within business personal property insurance limits when tenants are contractually obligated.

Valuable Papers and Records

Valuable papers and records insurance is included, up to policy limits and also on and off-premises, in BOPs. It covers the costs of researching, replacing, or restoring lost information.

General Liability

General liability insurance protects against claims from damages, which result from business operations, that are related to bodily injuries and/or are to others’ property. It covers medical payments of up to $5,000 per person, and also general liability insurance covers, up to established policy limits, damages to premises that are rented by insureds. It covers host liquor liability, personal and advertising injuries, premises liabilities, and products and completed operations liabilities, and also general liability insurance provides limited worldwide coverage.


As a client of ours you may be able to save time and money if you take advantage of benefits and discounts for which you may be eligible. To learn about these benefits and discounts, speak with an agent.

Experienced, thorough Agents keeping you and your Business secure

We know how important it is that businesses stay secure, and for this reason we take a hands-on and detailed approach to delivering BOPs. We thoroughly assess clients’ needs through in-depth consultations, risk analyses, and on-site inspections, and once we know and understand the clients’ needs, we identify the right coverages. At the points that the right coverages are identified, we create the best possible business owners policies (BOPs).


In order to ensure that coverages are always current and that clients’ rates are always competitive, we regularly and closely monitor policies and plans that we write. If and when possible, we include clients in monitoring processes, and as a result, the clients are able to fully understand their purchases and to also be aware of needs for changes to coverages.


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Additional Business Owners Policy (BOP) Insurance Information:

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